Noachide Laws-Foundation of Morality for Man

According to normative Jewish tradition, the Biblical prophet Noah, a non-Jew, was commanded by God to observe seven basic commandments.

These commandments are considered by Jewish tradition as being obligatory on all mankind until this day.

The following list comprises the Seven Noachide Laws that constitute universal laws that all mankind are obligated to observe:

  1. the prohibition against worship of false gods;
  2. the prohibition against cursing God;
  3. the prohibition against murder;
  4. the prohibition against incest and adultery;
  5. the prohibition against theft;
  6. the prohibition against eating flesh torn from a living animal.
  7. the command to establish laws and courts of justice.

The Seven Noachide Laws are a set of universal ethical guidelines given to the Biblical prophet Noah and his descendants. The Noachide Laws can resolve the present massive turmoil and societal anarchy within the world if they would be adhered to by all mankind.

Noachide Laws-Foundation of Morality for Man