Are Tzaddikim Physically Alive After Death

A radical Chabad missionary in this video tries to claim that the Chabad rebbe is physically alive based on certain Torah sources that state "the righteous in their deaths are CALLED alive".

Does going to the Ohel (the grave of the Chabad Rebbe) contradict believing that the Rebbe is physically alive?

Chabad missionaries seem to be utilizing similar techniques as Xtian missionaries by misinterpreting classical Jewish religious sources.

The Talmud discusses this concept in Berakhot 18a.

""...these are the righteous, who even in their death are called living."" Berakhot 18a

Torah sources such as Berakhot 18a do NOT state that the righteous, after death, are PHYSICALLY alive, rather they are CALLED alive. They are CALLED alive due to the ""righteous mighty deeds"" they performed while they were alive so that they merit a share in the World to Come.

See Radak here on II Samuel 23:20: Radak on Samuel

When viewing Chabad videos that are attributing supernatural abilities to the deceased Chabad rebbes, one must determine: Are the exact words in Torah sources being clearly cited, along with the location of the Torah source? If the Torah sources are not being clearly cited, then one has to suspect that the sources may be misquoted.

Are Tzaddikim Physically Alive After Death