Avoid Indoctrination in Non-Torah Theologies

Do you attend a Chabad synagogue? If so, please read the article linked below carefully.

I'm not urging anyone to never attend any Chabad synagogue. But if you do attend a Chabad synagogue, you must adamantly retain the right to reject any indoctrination in false theologies and Christianized messianic beliefs that are not firmly based in traditional Torah sources.

If you are being intimidated, harassed and abused in a Chabad synagogue for resisting false theologies and false messianic beliefs (as has happened to several friends of mine), then you may need to locate a synagogue that observes traditional Orthodox Judaism.

"More than 26 years have passed since the Rebbe’s demise. Nevertheless, to this day, most of the Rebbe’s followers, known as Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidim, continue to believe in his messianic identity. How can this be?" After the Death of Chabads Messiah

Please be familiar with the Rambam's 12th Ikkar (principle) that describes the true Messiah, who must be a LIVING Jewish king in the Land of Israel. According to the Rambam's 12th Ikkar, a deceased person cannot be Moshiach NOW, and we have absolutely no obligation to believe any absurd speculation that a specific deceased person WILL become Moshiach. When we have a real, LIVING Moshiach, there will be no doubt whatsoever that he is Moshiach. Mishnah Sanhedrin

For detailed discussions on conflicts between traditional Torah theology and Chabad theology, please see this site: Identifying Chabad

Avoid Indoctrination in Non-Torah Theologies