Debunking Chabad Fake Halacha

Chabad has every right to practice their own minhagim (customs).

Chabad does not have a right to invent their own new "halachot" and then attack non-Chabad religious Jews for violating those alleged "halachot".

Many uninformed but well meaning Jews have no idea that many of Chabad's "halachic" practices have no sources in normative Jewish law or else contradict normative Jewish law.

The Chabad book

attempts to impose Chabad's radical Kabbalistic practices onto non-Chassidim in the name of a falsified "halacha".

The bizarre pamphlet linked above claims that "the beard represents the essential image of man". However, some animals can have beards, such as goats, dogs and monkeys, so IMHO the claim in the pamphlet about beards is absurd!

In the Talmud, Hagiga 16a it mentions 3 characteristics of humans that resemble angels: humans have understanding, they walk erect, and they can speak.

The book attempts to claim that trimming one's beard with scissors is an "issur gomur" (absolutely prohibited).

In fact the book is blatantly dishonest as it does not seem to cite anywhere the normative halachic viewpoint of the Shulchan Aruch, based on multiple statements from the Talmud.

The Jewish law code clearly states that a man is allowed to trim his beard with scissors:

"אינו חייב על השחתת פאת הזקן אלא בתער אבל במספרים מותר אפילו כעין תער:" (Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh Deah 181:10)

Chabad propaganda may often claim that Chabad is "non-judgemental".

But in fact Chabad is impugning many non-Chassidim as alleged transgressors for simply following the Shulchan Aruch instead of adopting radical Kabbalistic practices.

The Torah scholar Rav David Bar-Hayim, whom I believe is a greater Torah scholar than the Chabad rebbes, stated in the video linked below:

"this claim that one should not trim his beard at all, that the beard should be allowed to grow wild forever, is not based on any halachic source whatever..."

The Connection Between Trimming One's Beard & Rosh HaShannah

Debunking Chabad Fake Halacha