Rambam Debunks Chabad Meshichistim

Chabad "Meshichistim" (who claim the deceased Chabad rebbe IS Moshiach) often claim to be citing the Rambam to prove that somehow the deceased Chabad rebbe is the Moshiach.

Contrary to the Meshichistim, Moshiach must be a living Jewish king in Jerusalem (Rambam, 12th Principle of the 13 Principles).

The Rambam wrote that the Moshiach will have a son, who will also have a son, and the Moshiach's dynasty will continue for a very long time.

The deceased Chabad rebbe had no children. Thus the Rambam has completely debunked the claim that the deceased Chabad rebbe could be Moshiach.

" והמשיח ימות וימלוך בנו תחתיו ובן בנו וכבר ביאר הנביא את מיתתו לא יכהה ולא ירוץ עד ישים בארץ משפט ויאריך מלכותו ימים רבים עד מאד

(But the Messiah will die and his son will reign in his place, and then his grandson. And the prophet has already explained his death: 'He (the messiah) will not tire and will not be crushed until he puts justice in the world' (Isaiah 42:5). And his kingdom will continue for a very long time.)"

(Rambam's Commentary to Tractate Sanhedrin, Introduction to Perek Chelek)

Rambam Debunks Chabad Meshichistim