The New Xtianity

For those celebrating the rise of the Chabad movement, please open your eyes to the bitter reality of the situation.

The great rise and influence of certain radical messianic elements in Chabad threatens the destruction of classical Judaism as we knew it.

Using an extensive network of highly developed Internet sites, radical Chabad clergy are teaching a new form of Xtianity to naive Jews who seek knowledge of authentic Torah principles.

“Chabad Officially Proclaims The Rebbe is Moshiach - 10 April 2022 - Rebbe's 120th Birthday Concert”

A few months ago I spoke with a prominent Torah scholar in Israel who told me that the Chabad movement is where Xtianity was 2000 yrs. ago!

In a video linked below, a Chabad rabbi teaches that the deceased Chabad rebbe is God (l'havdil) encased in a human body. Can anyone guess where have we heard this doctrine before? The claims of this Chabad Apostle are nothing less than idolatry!

"the rebbe is beyond our comprehension, the rebbe is Ein Sof...the rebbe is Elokus..."

The Rambam specifically states that Jews who believe God has a body have no share in the world to come.

Certain Chabadniks are teaching doctrines that very much mirror the doctrines of the early "Jewish" Christians, who also had long beards and davened in "frum" synagogues while believing in a false "messiah" who appears, then dies, then reappears.

Not every Chabadnik believes that the Chabad Rebbe is the messiah or a supernatural being. However, a non-Chabad Jew who attends any particular Chabad house must carefully examine the doctrines being taught in that Chabad house to make sure a new form of Christianity is not being taught there.

“The Replacement Theology & False Messianism of Chabad

The New Xtianity