Evolutionist's Dishonest Obsession with Noah's Ark

The obsession of Evolutionists with Noah's Ark is actually a form of intellectual dishonesty as I see it.

Evolutionists often attack the story of Noah's Ark in an attempt to invalidate the whole Jewish Bible.

However, there are severe logical flaws in the attacks of the Evolutionists. I'm not expecting that Evolutionists should believe in a Creator, I'm asking them to use honest and logical arguments.

If the Universe was created by a supernatural Creator, then that Creator could also bend space-time to make room for all the creatures in the Noah's Ark.

This is to say that during the Flood, the Creator could have easily interfered with the natural order He created in order to fit all the animals on the Ark. In fact, we believe He rarely interferes with the natural order so that we can assume scientific law is valid at most times, but possibly not at the incident of Noah's Ark.

For thousands of years, many people believed in an eternal Aristotelian Universe that precluded any miracles. However modern science has effectively debunked Aristotle's theory with its discovery of a beginning to the Universe, so now the possibility of miracles must be admitted.

Evolutionists could only falsify Noah's Ark IF-

a) they could observe the non-existence of Noah's Ark during the ancient Flood


b) they could prove the Universe was not created by a supernatural Creator, rather an eternal Universe or eternal "Multiverse" exists. In an eternal Universe, God would not have free will to cause miracles during Noah's flood.

Evolutionists certainly cannot achieve a) so they are left with b). However they cannot scientifically prove b) so therefore

Evolutionists cannot honestly disprove the story of Noah's Ark nor can they disprove that any other miracles described in the Bible occurred.

Evolutionist's Dishonest Obsession with Noah's Ark