Rationalist Judaism Blog Debunked–Science vs Darwin

In various places on Rabbi Natan Slifkin’s “Rationalist Judaism” blog, writers attempt to convince the blog readers of the scientific validity of Darwinist Evolution.

Neo-Darwinism is undoubtedly a materialist, pseudo-scientific theory that attempts to explain the origin and development of life solely as a result of material causes.

According to the theory of Neo-Darwinism, evolution is powered by random DNA mutations within organisms.

In fact there are quite substantial scientific arguments to refute Neo-Darwinism as a valid scientific theory. Neo-Darwinist "scientific" speculations certainly don't conform to the scientific evidence, and in reality resemble a faith based atheist religion. For example, in the fossil record, all major animal phyla suddenly appeared during the so-called "Cambrian Explosion", a phenomenon that contradicts Neo-Darwinist theories.

Dr. Stephen Meyer is a great (non-Jewish) philosopher of science whom I believe is much more competent in scientific matters than Natan Slifkin. Dr. Meyer’s intelligent design philosophy is much more consistent with both Torah principles and with scientific evidence than the Neo-Darwinist faith based religion.

I highly recommend Dr. Stephen Meyer's recent book "Return of the God Hypothesis" that brings powerful scientific evidence that an intelligent "Mind" created and designed the Universe, while thoroughly refuting materialist theories such as Neo-Darwinism .

Rabbi Natan Slifkin, to my knowledge, has never explained how the undirected natural causes of Neo-Darwinism can produce the very large amounts of useful digital information necessary to allow the existence of complex creatures such as man.

In a great video interview with Ben Shapiro, Dr. Meyer explains: “The foundation of life is information in a digital form...as we think about the origin of information, the one thing we know is that it always arises from an intelligent source...only mind is capable of generating the amount of information needed for these big jumps in biological complexity...Neo-Darwinian thinkers and the New Atheists are the same group of people...Dawkins said that Darwinism makes it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist...Intelligent Design challenges the idea that purely undirected processes can produce the appearance but not the reality of design...most of the major forms of life arise discontinuously...mutation and selection explain the survival, but not the arrival of the fittest...” Dr Stephen Meyer on Ben Shapiro Show

Rationalist Judaism Blog Debunked–Science vs Darwin