Religion of Darwinism


Darwinist evolution theories have morphed into a type of faith based atheist religion, a substitute for belief in a Creator and belief in Biblical creation. Regrettably many "progressive" Jewish intellectual types have become militant missionaries for the Darwinist religion. There is no real evidence in the fossil record for Darwinism, which in fact violates many scientific principles (such as the laws of entropy). For example, the fossil record clearly shows that species appear suddenly and then later disappear without any significant change. Also, Darwinist evolution is at a complete loss to explain the origin of life. Despite numerous experiments no scientist has ever produced life from non-life in a laboratory.

In the Talmud it mentions that one of man's unique qualities not possessed by animals is the ability to speak. I believe that to prove that any ancient species of primate can be considered any type of man (as opposed to an animal), there must exist some evidence the ancient primate could speak. It would seem that the only clear evidence a creature could speak is IF we discovered any evidence the creature could write. In this case, we would have conclusive evidience the ancient creature was NOT an animal.

A few years ago I actually challenged one of the senior research scientists at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History regarding a display of "Australopithecus", an ape-like creature that is presented as some type of ancient species that had evolved from apes to become more like man. I asked that scientist to prove that the Australopithecus had any actual human characteristics and was not simply a type of ape.

Intellectual apprehension is one of the primary characteristics that separates man from animals. I asked that scientist: Where is there the slightest evidence that the Australopithecus creature could speak, write, or that it possessed any intellectual apprehension? Without such evidence, how can the creature be considered human in any way? Perhaps that creature was only an ape?

The scientist took me into the museum's extensive research laboratory in the basement, which contained many collections of fossils of various species. The scientist took out an Australopithecus skull, an ape skull, and a human skull. As I recall the Australopithecus skull was pretty much identical to an ape skull. The scientist attempted to provide some circumstantial evidence that "Australopithecus" walked upright, but I was not shown the slightest evidence that the creature could speak, write, or had any intellectual apprehension.

Religion of Darwinism