Parallels Between Kabbalah and Gnosticism

An amazing video with a scholarly discussion of Gnosticism and Kabbalah is available on the Orthodox Jewish "Judaism Demystified" Youtube channel.

In the video the man being interviewed is an apparently brilliant Christian scholar on Gnosticism, an ancient heresy that arose around the 2nd century and attracted both Jews and Christians.

There are actually amazing parallels between Gnosticism and Kabbalah (Kabbalah discussion starts around 1:10).

There is good evidence that Kabbalah simply cloaks some pagan/Gnostic ideas in Hebrew terminologies.

For example, there is an unknowable, ultimate, good deity (the Ein Sof) who emanates lower deities (Gnostic aeons / Kabbalistic "partzufim" such as Abba, Imah).

The lower deities (Emah in the Zohar / Gnostic aeons) emanate an evil world in rebellion against the Ein Sof (the world is the ultimate "klipah", all worldly matters are evil - see Chabad's Tanya).

The lower deities (Kabbalistic partzufim / Gnostic aeons) are in pairs with male/female genders. They have sexual relations and produce new deities (Abba + Emah gave birth to Zeir Anpin).

Divine sparks have fallen from the ultimate deity that have to be "liberated" by us.

Gnosticism, Kabbalah

Parallels Between Kabbalah and Gnosticism