Metaphysics vs Scientism II

Dr. Edward Feser is a well known Catholic philosophy professor and Aristotelian who seems to be arguing for the revival of Metaphysics. I am inclined to support some of his Metaphysics ideas as they highlight the major flaws in what today we would call “scientism” and materialism. Dr. Feser has explained that “scientism is the view that science alone gives us knowledge of reality.” In contrast to scientism, “Metaphysics is the rational investigation of the general structure of reality and the ultimate causes of things”.

Dr. Feser has explained that Metaphysics is “the most fundamental discipline of all, more fundamental than epistemology, physics, biology, or any other philosophical or scientific discipline”.

I recommend Dr. Feser's excellent book “Aristotle’s Revenge” - “The Metaphysical Foundations of Physical and Biological Science”. Studying that book has opened up some new intellectual vistas for me. Dr. Feser’s book explains in clear modern English some of the (previously) mysterious concepts in medieval metaphysics that I had encountered while studying the Rambam’s extraordinary Moreh Nevuchim sefer.

Reading Dr. Feser’s book, initially mysterious metaphysical concepts such as potential and actual, matter and form, and efficient cause and final cause started to come to life for me.

I found especially fascinating Dr. Feser’s eloquent criticisms of modern science for its abandonment of ancient Metaphysics concepts. It appears that this abandonment of metaphysics paved a clear road for modern science to promote atheism, materialism, and contempt for religion.

The ideas in “Aristotle’s Revenge” have alerted me as to a possible significant factor in the large scale abandonment of Judaism by many Jews who, in the last few hundred years, have been greatly influenced by modern atheist “science” and materialism. I have become more aware of the necessity for religious Jews to become reacquainted with certain Metaphysics concepts, and thus hopefully reinvigorate Torah monotheism that has been under attack by atheist modern “science”.

Metaphysics vs Scientism II