Revival of Metaphysics

In the modern age, certain concepts previously studied in the field of "Metaphysics" have been largely abandoned and replaced with a mathematical, mechanistic view of the natural order. "Scientism" is a type of modern materialist, atheist belief that our scientific knowledge alone provides us a complete knowledge of reality.

In prior ages, the study of "Metaphysics" was valued as a knowledge system that involved a rational investigation of the general attributes of reality. This study included the attributes of physical and non-physical reality, and the study of the attributes of God and the ultimate causes of what constitutes reality.

Medieval (Aristotelian) Metaphysics can provide a strong impetus to an ethical, monotheistic view of the Universe. This is why certain great rabbis, such as the Rambam and Rabbeinu Bachya, utilized this Metaphysics to prove the existence and oneness of God. A revival of Metaphysics as a legitimate branch of human knowledge would serve an important role in reviving monotheistic beliefs and ending the monopoly of "scientism" on defining reality.

In the Modern Age, Metaphysics (regrettably) has been largely abandoned. The “scientism” that replaced Metaphysics at the start of the Modern Age has provided a huge tailwind to atheist, materialist belief systems.

Modern “scientism” has created a system of “mathematical materialism” and abandoned any of the useful concepts of “Metaphysics” that were included in the scientific thought of the past. In modern “scientism”, the only reality recognized are material phenomenon that are describable with mathematical equations.

By abandoning Metaphysics concepts, and focusing science solely on developing mathematical, material explanations of Nature, modern science has actually created gaping holes in the ability of man to recognize a Creator of the Universe and also to comprehend the Universe. This approach has resulted in the current “scientism” where science is relied on to explain EVERYTHING about reality and the Universe, even though science has no ability to do so.

Instead of atheist scientism, a revival of some aspects of metaphysics needs to occur if we seek to both maintain ethical monotheism and also to maximize our understanding of the Universe.

Revival of Metaphysics