COVID Pandemic Caused By the Evil CCP

May 2, 2021

Without a prophet, we do not have a right to claim God caused the bio-terrorism of COVID-19 as a punishment for man's sins. A more correct Torah based viewpoint might be that God did not cause the COVID-19 bio-terrorism, but the world did not merit to be saved from that plague.

There is by now abundant evidence that the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime created the Covid-19 bio-weapon in one of their laboratories and allowed it to infect millions of people in the world.

Senior experts on Communist China claim that the COVID virus that originated in China is likely an unnatural bio-weapon.

A very informative documentary on the origins of the Chinese Communist bio-weapon is available on Youtube.

"The first documentary movie on CCP virus, Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus"

With their advanced weaponry and massive army, the Chinese Communist Party may possibly be the most powerful atheist enemy of God and the Torah in history. They are certainly the cause of the COVID-19 bio-weapon now terrorizing the world. Erroneous, fatalistic beliefs serve to deflect any blame being attributed to monstrous evils such as the rabidly atheist and very powerful Chinese Communist Party.

If we consider that much of the world has enabled and empowered that fanatically atheist regime, it doesn’t require a leap of faith to believe that man's sins have caused a condition now referred to in the Torah as “hester panim” (IE Hashem hiding his face from man).

Is there a better example of “a nation that does not know Hashem” than the Chinese Communist regime? It would seem that the correct Torah hashkafah (viewpoint) is to pray that God should save us from wicked regimes such as the Chinese Communist regime.

There is a message we must receive from the disaster of COVID-19. We must stop empowering in any way any anti-Torah atheist regimes, especially the Chinese Communist regime, and we must promote Torah concepts of ethical monotheism throughout the world. We should encourage efforts to eliminate that regime, whose very essence is a great manifestation of “hester panim”.

COVID Pandemic Caused By the Evil CCP