Progressive Assault on the Heterosexual Family

In the feminist societies of the West (including Israel), many men, especially fathers, have been increasingly delegitimized and denied their legal and halachic rights. Radical feminists recognize no use for fathers (other than as sperm donors and ATM machines) and are succeeding very well in their goal to eject fathers from the family and replace them with state agencies.

The fallout from this situation has been great. Fear of the extreme anti-male bias in the family courts is resulting in a “marriage strike” by many marriageable men. So called “commitment fear” by marriageable men is often really be fear of divorce. Many children are growing up without a very essential relationship with their fathers who have been shut out of their lives by feminist family courts.

The goals of totalitarian feminists include replacing all fathers with the State and replacing all religious and Constitutional justice systems (i.e. remnants of allegedly reactionary sexist Patriarchy) with misandrist police state "justice" systems.

In the New Age feminist police state all women are presumed to be actual or potential victims of violent, misogynist men, while all men are presumed guilty until proven innocent of violent, sexist, misogyny.

Feminists are now implementing on college campuses what has already been largely implemented in many US Family Courts-an insane misandrist kangaroo court "justice" system. In the New Age feminist "justice" systems, justice and rights for divorcing fathers are largely eliminated.

Fatherless Families=Destruction of Boys

In the about last 50 years or so, there has occurred a steady collapse of the traditional, heterosexual American family. A feminist, divorce on demand legal system has developed that separates masses of American children, both boys and girls, from their fathers. Masses of children growing up without fathers in their lives has resulted in devastating consequences for American society.

"Almost all the mass shooters were dad deprived boys, whether it was the synagogue shooter, the Jacksonville shooter..." (Dr. Warren Farrell, author of The Boy Crisis)

This statement by Dr. Farrell is very significant IMHO. American Jews are being led to believe by the liberal Jewish media that the synagogue shootings are the result of the rise of an anti-Semitic Right allegedly allied with President Trump.

There have always been some anti-Semites in American society, but it has been very rare that white male American Christians will open fire on a synagogue.

It is quite ironic that the same liberals and feminists who dominate the Jewish media never discuss the dad deprivation of mass shooters who were raised without father figures in their lives as a result of a feminist divorce culture and an anti-father family court system. (Of course I am NOT advocating here for any exemption from punishment for convicted criminals.)

The damage to boys caused by a feminist divorce culture and an anti-father family court system are simply never considered by these intellectually dishonest liberals and feminists. Instead, secular Jewish liberals and feminists attempt to deflect all blame for violence in American society to the availability of guns, anti-Semitic Rightists, racists, misogynists, Trump supporters etc.

In contemporary media, there is hardly any serious discussion of the immense damage to boys caused by the present dad deprivation divorce culture. Women who believe they must divorce should at least insist on custody arrangements that allows their children to have significant relationships with their fathers.

Progressive Assault on the Heterosexual Family