Universe Has a Purpose

“In the beginning God created heaven and earth.” (Genesis 1:1)

As mentioned previously, in Moreh Nevuchim II:13 the Rambam explains that one who believes in the Torah believes that Hashem brought the Universe into existence after the Universe had been purely and absolutely nonexistent.

In Moreh Nevuchim II:19, the Rambam explains that, according to Aristotle, the Universe is eternal and proceeds from the Creator in a cause and effect manner. Thus the Universe exists solely by necessity and not by purpose. Since exists out of necessity can have no purpose, and according to Aristotle, the Universe can have no purpose.

In contrast to Aristotle's belief in an eternal Universe, the Torah viewpoint is that the Universe does not exist out of necessity, but was created in the finite past by Hashem for a purpose. As mentioned earlier in a reference from Chovot HaLevavot, Shaar HaYichud, Chapter Six, the great wisdom, complexity and order of the Universe demonstrates that it must be the result of an Intelligence that created the Universe with intention. We thus cannot entertain the notion that the Universe came into existence from any random, natural forces.

Likewise, the Rambam in Moreh Nevuchim also explained how the existence of plan and purpose within the natural order of the Universe demonstrates the existence of a beginning to the Universe that did not occur within nature.

Modern theories espoused by atheist "scientism", such as Neo-Darwinism and Multiverse theories, clearly have a goal to provide purely natural, material explanations for the origins of the Universe and the origins of the natural order. These materialist explanations also attempt to explain the origins of biological creatures and Man. However, it has become clear to intellectually honest people that "scientism" in no way can explain Man's existence in this world.

We have seen clearly that Multiverse is purely unproven speculation that atheist scientists developed in desperation when massive scientific evidence developed that the Universe had a beginning. In a similar way, Neo-Darwinism cannot explain the origins of life on Earth and it cannot explain the origins of the many complex animal phyla that have appeared. Neo-Darwinism certainly cannot explain the existence of an advanced being such as Man who has the ability of intellectual apprehension, and the ability of speech.

As Man becomes more aware of his rather unique and unusual existence within the Universe, it is inevitable that Man will begin to recognize more clearly his unique role and purpose within the Universe.

Universe Has a Purpose