Classical Torah vs. Chareidi Torah: Defeating Enemies

Since the terrible disaster of the October 7, 2023 terrorist invasion in Israel, we have observed various statements and lectures by Hareidi rabbis who characterize the Hamas savages as some type of "shluchim" (agents) sent by Hashem, or else claims by the rabbis that somehow the Hamas terrorists are performing the will of Hashem.

Other statements by Hareidi rabbis seem to claim that ONLY learning Torah and Tefillah can defeat the enemies of the Jews.

As I see it, the preceding types of statements by certain Hareidi rabbis represent extreme distortions of classical Torah beliefs:

  1. War of Gog and Magog Ignored: In two Haftorahs during Succot we read about the War of Gog and Magog and the destruction of the evil Gog and his allies predicted by the Jewish prophets. Hareidi spokesmen seem to ignore any discussion of the subject of the War of Gog and Magog. Instead the wars and terrorism being inflicted on Israel are viewed within a lens of some kind of "musar shmooz".

  2. Pereh Adam Ignored: Hareidi spokesmen ignore any discussion of the evils of Islam and the savage nature of Yishmael, the "pereh adam". The Rambam in Iggeret Teiman described how Islam claimed that the Torah is false, and that never had such an enemy ever arisen against the Jews. So at the present time Hashem are we to believe that bloodthirsty savages who seek to destroy the Torah are the agents of Hashem sent to punish the Jews?

  3. Laws of War Ignored: Chareidi claims that ONLY Torah and Tefillah will defeat our enemies are blatant denials of Chazal's words in Sotah 44b and the Rambam:

בְּמִלְחֲמוֹת מִצְוָה — הַכֹּל יוֹצְאִין, אֲפִילּוּ חָתָן מֵחֶדְרוֹ וְכַלָּה מֵחוּפָּתָהּ

"In a milchemet mitzvah, the entire nation must go out to war, even a groom from his chamber, and a bride from her pavilion."

(Mishneh Torah, Kings and Wars 7:4)

  1. The Rambam counts as positive mitzvah no. 188 the mitzvah of erasing Amalek. We cannot simply sweep this mitzvah under the rug and replace it with learning Torah and tefillah.

  2. The Torah portion we just read described how the world became full of "Hamas" so Hashem decided to destroy the world. So at the present time Hashem is sending more Hamas savages as His agents, after which the world is deserving of destruction due to the Hamas agents sent by Hashem?

Classical Torah vs. Chareidi Torah: Defeating Enemies