Messianic Process According to Rambam

The link below is a brilliant, in-depth video explanation of the Rambam's views on the messianic process, which are in turn derived from Rabbi Akiva and Bar Kochba.

The messianic process must begin with a living Jewish king who arises in Israel, but when a king arises, he is NOT the Moshiach at that point. He only becomes Moshiach later, IF he successfully accomplishes a number of critical tasks after he arises.

We have no living king in Israel today so we do not have the start of any process yet that leads to any authentic Moshiach.

For any Moshiach to eventually arise, Jews would need to first appoint a king in Israel.

This excellent video by Rav David Bar Hayim completely debunks any false claims today, allegedly based on the Rambam, that we have a Moshiach today. Why Moshiach is Not Coming

Messianic Process According to Rambam