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Discussions of Classical Torah Theology, Philosophy, and Cosmology

This website was created to address several problematic issues in the contemporary world of Jewish Torah study. One issue is that too many concepts of classical Torah theology and philosophy are too often being ignored, suppressed, or distorted in the contemporary Torah world for various reasons.

Another issue is that too often nowadays certain esoteric and/or radical Kabbalistic concepts, that do not seem to possess a clear mesora (tradition) that can be traced back to the ancient rabbis, are being presented as normative Torah theology.

The term “classical Torah” in this context refers primarily to the Talmud, Rishonim, and later, non-Chassidic, Orthodox Torah authorities (such as Rambam, Sforno, Maharal, and Rav Hirsch) who explained many Torah concepts and theology in rational, philosophical language when possible. These traditional Torah authorities may have been privately familiar with various aspects of “Kabbalah”, but they did not in general publicly teach “Kabbalah” as the primary Torah theology.

Many Jews today are too often being flooded today with alleged "Torah" principles that are in fact radicalized Kabbalistic viewpoints that do not represent mainstream, classical Torah principles, and may in fact conflict sharply with the teachings of ancient Talmudic rabbis. This website strongly rejects any notion that Jewish prophets have appeared after ancient times, or that Torah concepts can "evolve" over time, or that certain ancient Torah concepts have been replaced by later rabbis who allegedly had prophetic powers.

Another problematic issue being addressed in this site is the limitation of esoteric Kabbalistic concepts in dealing with many of the major moral and ideological conundrums of modern civilization. In contrast, the classical Torah concepts, expressed in rational philosophical language, are often much more effective at understanding and addressing these major moral and ideological conflicts in modern society.

This website is especially addressed to Baalei Tshuvah (returnees to Orthodox Judaism) who are not often being provided adequate explanations of classical Torah cosmology and theology.

Thank you for visiting my site,

Menachem Ben David