Recommended for Chabad BTs

We are presenting here a number of study materials we recommend for Chabad Baalei Teshuva or non-Chabad Baalei Teshuvah who are seeking understanding of fundamental principles of Judaism.

This chapter of the ancient and classical Chovos Halevavos book contains an excellent rational explanation of classical Torah theology.

Shaar HaYichud - Gate of Unity of G-d

This site contains a scholarly Torah based analysis of the serious problems with Chabad theology.

Identifying Chabad

A clear and scholarly explanation of the Rambam's actual views on the messianic process, which conflict sharply with many erroneous explanations being presented by Chabad spokesmen on the messianic process.

Why the Messiah is Not Coming

The Replacement Theology & False Messianism of Chabad

A scholarly explanation of the problems with Chabad's Tanya from the viewpoint of classical Torah theology.

Tanya and Heresy II

Pertinent Arguments Against False Messiahs

False Messiahs and their Opponents

An ex-Chabad Chassid describes the messianic fervor within Chabad and its correlation with an ancient false messiah.

After the Death of Chabads Messiah

Recommended for Chabad BTs