Darwinism: A Rehash of Ancient Epicurus

Darwinists would have us believe that evolution is a novel, modern, sophisticated scientific theory unknown to the ancients.

Certain "religious" blogs such as the "Rationalist Judaism" blog identify with the alleged "rationalism" of Maimonides, while also advocating for Evolution. This is an absurd contradiction IMHO.

Maimonides was a "rationalist" within Medieval thought, he was not a modern materialist attempting to explain the Universe by recognizing only material causes. Maimonides would have sharply rejected Darwinism.

In the 12th Century C.E., Maimonides dismissed the ancient version of Darwinism:

"But it would be quite useless to mention the opinions of those who do not recognize the existence of God, but believe that the existing state of things is the result of accidental combination and separation of the elements, and that the Universe has no Ruler or Governor. Such is the theory of Epicurus and his school, and similar philosophers, as stated by Alexander [Aphrodisiensis]; it would be superfluous to repeat their views, since the existence of God has been demonstrated whilst their theory is built upon a basis proved to be untenable." (Maimonides, Guide to the Perplexed, 12th Century C.E.)

"some classically educated contemporaries of Darwin saw in his ideas little but a 19th-century rehash of thoughts that they had once studied in ancient Greek and Latin authors in their university days." (evolutionnews article) Ghost of Epicurus

Darwinism: A Rehash of Ancient Epicurus