Modern Intellectual Prisons

Has the contemporary religious Jewish world forced itself into two "intellectual prisons" (frameworks) that were unknown to the medieval philosopher rabbis?

The intellectual frameworks I'm referring to are:

  1. Scientism-Darwinism, ie attempting to explain the intrinsic nature of reality and existence solely by use of natural, scientific causes without any metaphysical concepts, and

  2. A rejection of any scientific intelligibility to the world based on certain Kabbalistic concepts like "shevira", such as expressed in the eighth chapter of Chabad's Tanya.

Some concepts of medieval metaphysics, as taught in seforim like the Rambam's Moreh Nevuchim, not only do not conflict with modern science, but they actually provide a better perspective on the world than the first two intellectual frameworks I mentioned above.

Modern science has basically eviscerated the former concepts of Metaphysics that were used to explain the Universe and promote monotheism, despite that fact that these concepts remain as implicit in many modern scientific theories. Unfortunately medieval metaphysics concepts like “formal cause”, "efficient cause", and "final cause", have regrettably been gutted from much of modern science to the detriment of monotheistic religious thought.

Modern Intellectual Prisons