Blame Evil Men Not Hashem

There is by now abundant evidence that the evil Chinese Communist regime created the Covid-19 bio-weapon in one of their laboratories and allowed it to infect millions of people in the world.

Senior experts on Communist China claim China intentionally spread the deadly bio-weapon:

Documentary on creation of the bio-weapon:

The ancient rabbis who composed the Pesach Hagaddah invoked curses on evil nations instead of claiming those nations were agents of God. The rabbis cited Tehillim 69:25 in the Pesach Hagaddah: “Pour out your wrath upon those nations who do not know you...pour out your wrath upon them and may your rage overtake them.”

The People's Republic of China (PRC), with its nuclear warheads and massive armies, represents one of the most powerful atheist & totalitarian regimes in world history. All Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members are required to be Marxist atheists. The CCP ruthlessly suppresses any worship of God because, like ancient Pharaoh, the CCP demands we replace God with themselves.

"All (Chinese Communist) Party members should firmly obey the Party Constitution and be Marxist atheists, observe their commitment to not believe in any religion in order to maintain the purity and progressive nature of Party membership, prefecture Party chief Yang Yuanzhong said at the meeting."

If we consider that much of the world has enabled and empowered that fanatically atheist regime, it doesn’t require a leap of faith to believe that man has caused a condition now of “hester panim” (ie Hashem hiding his face).

Is there a better example of “a nation that does not know Hashem” than the PRC? It would seem that the correct Torah hashkafah (viewpoint) is to pray that God should save us from wicked regimes such as the Chinese Communist regime. “שְׁפָךְ־עֲלֵיהֶ֥ם זַעְמֶ֑ךָ וַחֲר֥וֹן אַ֝פְּךָ֗ יַשִּׂיגֵֽם׃ ”.

Blame Evil Men Not Hashem