Recognizing the Limits of Science

The claims of the atheist science establishment that somehow the Universe created itself, are fundamentally in conflict with honest science. There is a necessary demarcation between Biblical theology and science that Torah observant Jews must recognize.

Ancient rabbis rejected the erroneous "scientific" speculations of Aristotle that had no real basis in any observations, such as the very erroneous claim that our Universe is a static Universe that existed eternally. We now know from many reliable scientific observations that this Universe could not have existed eternally.

Hundreds of years ago some of the greatest rabbis wrote descriptions of the creation process that seem to be generally quite consistent with some of the details described by the modern Bing Bang Theory.

The important point to remember is the Bible is not intended as a scientific treatise, it was intended as an ethical guide for man. However, the basic facts the Bible describes are quite consistent with advanced modern science.

For example -

  1. Universe had a beginning (was created according to the rabbis) in the finite past.
  2. All matter was created ex-nihilo at the beginning of the Universe, and was formed into the components of the Universe.
  3. The days mentioned in Genesis do not correspond to our days as earth's sun was not created until the fourth day. The Bible states explicitly that the "days" were the separation of light and darkness by God, (not the revolution of the Earth).
  4. There have been multiple creations and destruction of life on Earth during multiple eras of time. The Bible is only describing in detail the present era.
  5. Scientific laws, as we now understand them, did not exist during the initial Creation process, but only after the Creation process was completed.
  6. The Creation process cannot be explained in scientific terms that are intelligible to man. Scientific laws we now know did not exist during that process.
  7. There occurred a metaphysical increase in complexity in life on Earth, starting with the earliest animals (marine invertebrate) until the creation of man, the most complex living creature.

The Creation process is non-repeatable and non-observable by man. There must be a necessary demarcation between science and Biblical theology which do not conflict with each other.

Science must recognize its limits and recognize that Biblical theology is not in conflict with authentic science. Rather Biblical theology picks up where science must end.

Recognizing the Limits of Science