Saving Western Civilization

Democracy alone cannot solve man’s spiritual or ethical problems. Democracy can be useful but only when it is implemented and restrained in a society with Biblical religious values. Democracy fails when not restrained by any Biblical values.

The Talmud mentions how the ancient Jewish sage known as Rabbi taught Biblical principles to a decent Roman emperor known as Antoninus. This represented a valid complementary service to the world, IE the physical power of the Romans was united with the spiritual power of the Jews.

We must maintain the First Amendment and allow citizens to worship or not worship a Creator as they please. However, bloodthirsty barbarians who do not accept the basic ethical rules of Western civilization (derived from the Bible), IE Thou shalt not murder, and who promote an ideology advocating mass murder of alleged infidels, must be imprisoned or ejected from America, Israel, and all civilized countries.

Secular "democracy" cannot replace religious beliefs that satisfy man's spiritual and philosophical aspirations. Western progressivism and secularism have abandoned any value systems and they cannot distinguish between right and wrong. Totalitarian “progressivism” has often become a substitute religion for ethical monotheism.

The only hope for the West to overcome all anarchy, turmoil, totalitarianism and jihadist Islam is to return to an ethical monotheism based on Biblical values.

The true conflict in the world now concerns which philosophical/spiritual system will govern mankind — the Bible’s vision of the world, or various totalitarian ideologies such as radical Islam, "progressivism", or Marxism/Socialism.

For Western Civilization to survive, there is a need to embrace the common Biblical, ethical, social, and family principles among Jews, Catholics, Protestants, even if their theologies differ.

Saving Western Civilization