The Left's War on God

Leftist War on God

The radical, "progressive" Left has mounted many assaults against the Biblical order created by God and the Biblical laws commanded by God.

The Left has launched assaults on heterosexuality and heterosexual marriage, assaults on the existence of only two genders, assaults on the prohibition of robbery and murder, assaults on the prohibition of adultery, and assaults on the belief in a Creator.

Totalitarian Ideologies

Various totalitarian movements and ideologies have been engaged in a war against the Jewish Bible and the Jewish Nation for thousands of years. In the modern world, various barbaric, totalitarian movements and governments, such as Communism, Nazism, “progressivism”, and jihadist Islam have arisen that seek to suppress man's God given free will and enslave men to totalitarian agendas.

These radical ideologies promote various forms of utopian statism involving what is essentially atheist worship of totalitarian political ideologies and regimes. Rather Man's role is to serve the totalitarian state. These ideologies have joined forces in an unholy alliance whose goals include eradication of Biblical principles such as man being created in the image of God, thereby causing a devolution of mankind into talking animals in human form. As the Jewish nation are the bearers of the ancient Biblical wisdom, the unholy alliance has marked the Jews and the State of Israel as their primary target for destruction.

The alliance of Communists, “progressives”, and jihadist Muslims against the Jewish Bible and the Jews is also known as the “Red-Green Alliance”.

All totalitarian ideologies seek to destroy the Jews and destroy the Bible because ethical monotheism, based on Biblical principles, is the great enemy of the totalitarian state and of depraved social movements.

The Socialist/Communist/Atheist dictators have become the new Pharaohs enslaving mankind. Supported by the West, Chinese communism has become one of the greatest evils in the world today.

As explained in the scholarly book "Liberal Fascism" by Jonah Goldberg, German Nazism bore many similarities to today's leftist ideologies. Both Nazism and Leftism embrace atheism or paganism, Darwinist evolution, homosexuality, racist special privileges for favored races (Nuremberg Laws for Germans, affirmative action for "minorities"), animal rights, environmentalism, vegetarianism, etc., while exhibiting virulent hatred for Judaism, Israel, and Biblical monotheism and ethics.

The Left's War on God